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About the album

Envolée is the debut album by Montreal pianist Ariane Racicot. It combines acoustic trio jazz styles with metal and progressive rock styles. These are original compositions that mix genres such as modal jazz, latin jazz, fusion jazz and metal jazz.

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The genesis of the album comes from many years of listening to her favorite players, such as: Hiromi Uehara, Tigran Hamasyan, Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen and Keith Jarrett. Ariane is also influenced by her favorite metal bands that she has been listening to since she was a teenager. Ariane tries to include this sound and this energy through the songs of the album, including one in particular, where she calls on another drummer to go further. 

Envolée is the fruit of her musical and human experiences in recent years. It represents her desire to carve out a place for herself in today musical world as a jazz pianist. This title also evokes her personality, her passion, her feverishness, her emotionality, her joie de vivre, her perseverance and her strength. Some of her compositions, including Bicycle Ride, speak of self-confidence and the desire to surpass oneself. 

Ariane presents five pieces that illustrate her stories, passions, annoyances and moods. Envolée was released on May 6, 2022 on all digital platforms on the Multiple Chord Music label. 

Piano & Composition : Ariane Racicot

Electric bass : Antoine Rochefort

Drums : Guillaume Picard (Tracks 1 to 4) ; Martin Plante (Track 5)

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